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Playing in the Triodos Open Banking sandbox

Check out Triodos Open Banking for Developers

I’ve made some scripty stuff in python to play with the lovely Triodos Bank’s Open Banking sandbox. I’m really not sure why…

My python code does everything needed to get a transaction list out of the Triodos API. (As of writing it just grabs the first account that permissions are granted for.)

There are 14 commands (I’m calling modes) which, if followed in order, result in a final “Get Account Transactions” command (12-14 are Initial Query (get first), Get Next (pagination), Get First again)

Actions performed (as described in Triodos API docs) are: Get Initial Access Token, Register URIs, Get Authorization, Exchange the Authorization Code for an Access Token, Request Consent, Get Accounts, Get Account Balances, Get Account Transactions.

If you want to use my Python code then follow these steps.

Step 0:

Unpack my files

Install python and maybe lots of python modules… (and also php if you want to use callback recording bit)

Step 1:

Get a test certificate:

The organization ID needs to be a valid format for eIDAS eg: PSDUS-AAA-AAAA88 if your country code is “US”

You should save your organization ID into:

rfyoz-OB1/secrets_store/mybank1/your_id.txt (without leading or trailing whitespace in file)

Step 2:

Save your eIDAS Organization Id to:


Save the generated Private key to:


Save the generated Signing Certificate public key to:


Save the generated Issuer key id to:


Step 2.5:

Create a test user in the sandbox:

Step 3:

Run rfyoz-OB1/code/server/

Step 4:

Run rfyoz-OB1/code/scripts/

Run rfyoz-OB1/code/scripts/

Run rfyoz-OB1/code/scripts/

You should get some transactions, that when put in an HTML table, look like this: Triodos API output.

Triodos weren’t very imaginative with the fake data it seems.

Customised Apache directory index, with breadcrumbs

Really quite pleased with this for usability.

I run a script which creates custom HeaderName and ReadmeName (footer file name) files for every directory along with a custom .htaccess to tell apache where those files are.

.htaccess looks something like this…

IndexOptions SuppressHTMLPreamble FancyIndexing VersionSort NameWidth=* HTMLTable Charset=UTF-8 SuppressDescription
HeaderName .header.html
ReadmeName /downloads/password-generator/footer.html
IndexIgnore header.html footer.html .htaccess .header.html

Python oEmbed Query for Twitter

I just wanted to find out how, and where wordpress was getting those readable urls from when I pasted in a twitter link.

#!/usr/bin/env python3

import urllib, json, sys, urllib.request
from urllib.parse import urlencode, quote_plus
element = sys.argv[1]
twitter_page = sys.argv[2]
fragments = { 'url': twitter_page }
querystring = urlencode(fragments, quote_via=quote_plus)
url = "" + querystring
response = urllib.request.urlopen(url)
data = json.loads(
print(element + " = " +  data[element])
$ ./ url
url =

TheraTrust + Triodos Bank. Crowdfund (£5m target)

Invest here:

Banked picks up £2.35M seed to use open banking for account-to-account payments — TechCrunch

Banked, a London-based fintech using open banking to enable account-to-account payments at checkout (and beyond), has raised £2.35 million in further seed funding. The round was led by Force Over Mass, with participation from previous investors Backed and Acrew Capital, along with a number of high-net-worth individuals, such as Paul Forster (co-founder of It […]

Banked picks up £2.35M seed to use open banking for account-to-account payments — TechCrunch

Mental Health Is ‘My Thing’ — Bombay Ficus

With everything that is going on around the world, we are exposed to crises on a daily basis each time we scroll through our feeds. So naturally, one day gender equity is our thing, one day it is equal wages, another morning we are moved by farmers’ plight, and then our new thing is mental […]

Mental Health Is ‘My Thing’ — Bombay Ficus